The best partner in Real Estate projects

Ádsolum, the spin-off of Altamira DoValue Group, was stablished in January 2022 with the aim of carrying out real estate investment advisory and an end-to-end management of real estate assets: comprehensive management of land and real estate developments. Ádsolum can leverage the international footprint of doValue Group, with offices in 5 European countries.

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*Land Management GAV
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Ádsolum has a wide experience in Real Estate Development and can leverage Altamira doValue
capabilities in Asset Management and Commercialization.

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Projects managed
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units delivered since 2014 (+2K annually)
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New Developments

173 Developments

8.592 units

€1,766 million revenues


133 Developments

5.006 units

€776 million revenues

Land under management

20.094 Estates

4.833 sectors

+202 M m2 of land under management

+50 M m2 buildable